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Smart IPhone bonus vacuum period apple iPhoneX become the biggest loser

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2019/01/31 14:22
IPhoneX did not give a perfect ending to Apple's 10th anniversary picture.

[according to Chang's report, from January to March this year, apple iPhoneX 10th anniversary commemorative edition's output has been reduced to 15 million, which is 5 million less than its previous capacity target estimate. In the two quarter, he reduced the iPhoneX production target by 44%, and the two quarter Apple should only produce about 10 million new machines.

IPhoneX did not give a perfect ending to Apple's 10th anniversary picture. On the contrary, after the news came out of the supply chain's capacity adjustment at the end of last year, another analysis organization issued a pessimistic report to iPhoneX.

Recently, an analyst at BlueFinResearchPartners, a market consultancy, pointed out that Apple has cut down its iPhoneX output again. In the first half of 2018, the output of iPhoneX will be reduced by 6 million.

Canalys research analyst Jia Mo told the first financial reporter that Apple's iPhoneX phone has been selling well after the fourth quarter of last year, because its high price is hard to sustain. For example, in a more powerful European market, many channel vendors feed on iPhone7 even the most hot - selling Apple products at some time. In addition to facilitating the security of the indepthcamera, apple still needs to launch more attractive technology to stimulate the user's desire to buy.