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To remember, foreign media: millet push intelligent mobile phone MIX on the standard apple iPhone X 2S

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2018/03/30 14:16

Reference News Network March 30 daily, foreign media said, when preparing for the anticipated initial public offering, the Chinese start-up company launched the latest top smart phone, competing with Apple Corp and Samsung Electronics.

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek March 28th, Lei Jun, co-founder of millet company, showed MIX 2S, starting at 3299 yuan (US $527). The mobile phone is equipped with a number of additional features familiar to senior users, and the price is about half of the Apple Corp's iPhone X. This is the third full screen mobile phone for millet: the comprehensive screen is now a product feature of the largest mobile phone manufacturers such as apple and Samsung.

The report says MIX 2S may help millet to expand in an increasingly active overseas market, especially in the lack of developed country markets. Since 2017, Xiaomi, which once dominated the Chinese domestic market, has recovered its share of the domestic market from HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo. However, as China's smartphone market is shrinking, all brands are seeking overseas expansion.

It is reported that the latest mobile phone of Xiaomi may boost sales, because Chinese consumers seek better quality products, while mobile phone manufacturers raise their prices to compensate for the shortage of new buyers. In the days before the conference held in Shanghai, Lei Jun repeatedly against Apple's most advanced intelligent mobile phone, display the iPhone X when running the game body temperature is higher, and millet shooting in low light conditions photos better.

The thunder army even said Millet's AI assistant was over Siri. Reported that Lei Jun for the audience packed the auditorium, said the mobile phone compared with iPhone X, because everyone said that the latter is the best mobile phone; millet just want to show that many functions of millet surpass the best mobile phone in the industry.