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The cell phone is perm in the process of charging or using

When mobile Internet goes to radio or play games demanding for CPU, radio frequency PA or CPU will run at high frequency, and the power consumption will be large. The mobile phone will have a certain amount of fever, which is a common phenomenon of smart phone.

Feel smart phones have short standby time

1) full electricity before going out and the mode of saving electricity from the mobile phone.

2) when you do not use WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, or data services, please turn off the corresponding functionality.

3) do not use the software, to close the node to save power. Methods: in Settings > applications - > running service, select the corresponding program shut down.

Some unstable software is installed on the phone, causing the cell phone to restart or automatically shut down. When the cell phone is vibrate, the battery loosening (mobile phone battery unloading) may also cause the cell phone to shut down automatically

Smart phones, like computers, have a complex operation system. Some third party software installed on mobile phones may cause cell phone's probability to restart or crash, restore the factory settings or uninstall the software that is not compatible with mobile phones.

When there is oil or water on the hand or touch screen, it causes the touch screen to fail.

Dry the surface of the mobile phone with a dry cloth, hit two open key (Suo Pingjian), let the touch screen self - recalibrate.

Mobile phone in your pocket, touch screen and body contact, the probability of call cannot answer the phone touch screen paddling

Keep the hand and touch screen clean and dry, hit two under the boot button (Suo Pingjian), and make the touch screen recalibrate itself.

Mobile phone is not open (cell phone battery can be disassembled)

When the new cell phone is upgraded or restored, the battery will start for the first time, and the mobile phone has to initialize operation. The boot time will be longer, and it may be mistaken for not starting. If the battery is not discharged due to excessive discharge, the battery can be removed. If the battery is connected to the charger, it can be switched on. If it can be switched on, the battery can be charged for more than 30 minutes, and it will start normally.

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